Milwaukee, WI – Saturday, November 7, 2020, We are still waiting for results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Our Wisconsin votes have been calculated. However Trump may be allowed to challenge the count if his and Biden’s votes are within 1% of each other. Other parts of the nation are still counting. It is clear that things may not be settled even if they have been tallied. What does that mean for Milwaukee?

“As residents of Milwaukee and Wisconsinites, we have seen the strength of the opposition to Trump here. The outcome of this election is not surprising to us, given Trump’s attacks on Wisconsinites at Kenosha and his failed trade deals with companies like Foxconn,” notes Co-chair Thomas Hansberger.

Ian Gunther, At Large Director for Milwaukee DSA says: “Fundamentally, our democratic institutions are broken. This has been proven repeatedly in our lifetimes. Neither of the parties in power have made any significant effort to resolve these issues in our country that purports to be a bastion of Democracy everywhere. It will take a popular movement the likes of which we’ve seen in France, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Nigeria to force the hand of the elites to bring real democracy to our people. If we don’t stand up for our rights, no one else will. We must come together to demand the elimination of the electoral college, voter suppression, and gerrymandering across the nation. The popular vote is the people’s voice, and if that voice is not heard by the elites, any government that follows is plainly illegitimate.”

Rachael Steidl, Secretary for Milwaukee DSA was not surprised by this outcome. She said, “No one was expecting this to go smoothly. While we never endorsed Biden we are eager to get rid of Trump. No matter who is chosen to be the winner, our work as Democratic Socialists continues. Both of these candidates are neoliberals who do not care about the working class. We work toward empowering the working class into standing together against the oppression of capitalism. We don’t have democracy if our votes are not counted or do not count for something.”

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