MILWAUKEE – On October 6, Governor Tony Evers announced that Emergency Order #3  will go into effect October 8 – November 6 throughout the State of Wisconsin. Under this order, local municipalities are permitted to have orders that are more restrictive than the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Order.

To protect residents from COVID-19, the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Health Department created the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order, which provides a phased approach at combatting the pandemic.

The Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely local order requires restaurants and bars to submit an a strenuous 80 point COVID checklist to the Health Department to operate.  The checklist requires businesses to implement hygiene, cleaning, and protective measures, policies, and procedures.

The local order also requires businesses to facilitate remote work to the greatest extent possible and ensure individuals remain six feet from others whenever possible. As a result, even though the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order permits a larger threshold of individuals in certain places than Emergency Order #3 allows, the additional restrictions listed under the local order do more to prevent COVID-19 transmission than Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #3.

After review of both orders, the City of Milwaukee Health Department has determined that the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order is more restrictive than Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #3, and that all businesses and individuals within the City of Milwaukee should continue to adhere to the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely Order.

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