MILWAUKEE, WI (September 15, 2020) — MPS Foundation’s #ConnectMilwaukee campaign has exceeded its Phase 1 goal of raising $1million to help ensure every MPS student has a laptop and internet access. However, as the school year begins, it is crucial that we provide additional technical support for families and training for teachers.
In response to this need, MPS Foundation is now launching Phase 2 of the #ConnectMilwaukee campaign which focuses on additional technical support for MPS students and staff. This summer the Foundation delivered over 7,000 internet hotspots to families in need and hundreds of requests are still coming in. Now, the hardest challenge is providing tech support to over 75,000 students and over 5,000 teachers. The District is doing the best they can to answer the call, but they need our help. Based on regular conversations with MPS, the Foundation is focused on funding more IT staff, help desk support, and training for teachers.
The fundraising goal for Phase 2 is $1million and the Foundation has already received its first substantial donation of $25,000 from Northwestern Mutual Foundation.
“This year has shown us how difficult helping a child learn online from home can be,” said Wendell Willis, MPS Foundation, Executive Director. “Providing equity means lessening the burden on our teachers and parents who have adapted very quickly and learned how to teach our children in a completely different way. When we provide the necessary support, training and tools, we know our students will be successful.”
PHASE 2 will help fund these vital components that were not in the MPS budget:
  • Tech support for online learning platforms
  • Additional training and coaching for teachers
  • Personalized support to students and families
  • Adding help desk support staff for parents
  • Adding IT staff
CARES Act money (PPE focused) will not arrive in time to fund these needs now. The Foundation believes MPS students deserve to have the best learning experience possible and that teachers should be provided the tools and support necessary to be successful.
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