MILWAUKEE (April 13, 2020) — On Tuesday, April 7, the people of Milwaukee showed their broad support for the public schools our students deserve. We are pleased that our community enthusiastically supported the education of our future leaders. MPS remains committed to the educational priorities of the district and appreciates the leadership of our Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the community task force, and all the many friends of our Milwaukee Public Schools. To all our students, families, and staff: We look forward to increasing opportunities for our students. In passing a historic referendum, our community laid the foundation for strengthening educational programming.
“I would like to thank the Milwaukee Board of School Directors for their leadership regarding strengthening Milwaukee Public Schools,” said MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley. “The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) organized support from so many groups and organizations throughout the entire city – we appreciate their continuing collaboration. The community task force made sound recommendations to expand programming for young people in Milwaukee. There are numerous supporters and stakeholders that have come along aside us.”
“To all of our MPS students, parents, and staff: you truly make me MPS Proud,” said Dr. Posley. “We are grateful for your unwavering support. Milwaukee Public Schools remains committed to providing all students with the best learning environment possible.”
By a 78-22% margin, voters approved raising the MPS revenue limit by $87 million, an investment that will be used to offer our students the most opportunities possible, including more career and technical education programs; to attract and retain certified educators; and to expand art, music, physical education, and language programs.
“In January, our Vote Yes for MPS Coalition began knocking doors across Milwaukee to ask voters to commit to the children of Milwaukee Public Schools, and at door after door, our Milwaukee neighbors repeatedly pledged to vote yes for MPS students. Even when this pandemic limited our hundreds of volunteers to phone calls and text messages, we heard ‘Yes!’ again and again,” MTEA President Amy Mizialko said. “Our Milwaukee community showed up for our students when it mattered, and our students deserve nothing less. This victory will make a big difference for students in classrooms next school year and beyond. Winning this referendum is an important step forward for the students of Milwaukee Public Schools but we’ll never stop pushing forward for them.”
“Milwaukee’s communities understand the needs of all our children,” said Larry Miller, President of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. “This is a first step toward our students getting the schools they deserve. Milwaukee Public Schools will do its part to serve children,” said President Miller, adding, “it is time for the state of Wisconsin and the federal government to step up and adequately and equitably fund our public schools.”
Milwaukee Public Schools and our partners remain committed to building on this momentous support and unity across the city of Milwaukee. The input provided and questions raised through surveys, feedback and listening sessions have been invaluable throughout this entire process. The extensive community engagement and dialogue have provided us options to address the opportunities and challenges that we face together.
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