There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Decades of academic research have proven that the benefits that accrue as a result of engaging in debate are numerous.
Debates help voters make informed decisions. And in today’s political environment in the City of Milwaukee, we need information to make informed decisions so we can dismiss misinformation which prevents us from overcoming the systematic poverty, joblessness and crime that plague our city.
Debates help candidates focus on issues they may traditionally not have addressed during their campaign like replacing lead pipes to stop the poisoning of children or the need to raise funds to repair crumbling infrastructure like pot hole ridden streets.
Debates are often the only time during a campaign where candidates can be seen together at the same time and can make side-by-side comparisons as to who is the best candidate for the elected position.
Debates promote accountability in candidate’s statements, policy positions and campaign promises because they become part of the public record. Communities, voting constituencies, civic groups and the media can hold candidates accountable by citing statements made in debates.
Lastly, debates are a benchmark of a healthy, vibrant and participatory Democracy. It is a significant part of an open transparent election process that former and current NAACP members and leaders have fought tirelessly to defend and protect.
The NAACP-Milwaukee Branch is proud to announce the NAACP-Milwaukee Northside Debate 2020 and is scheduled for Thursday, October 22, 2020 starting at 6pm. The debate will be virtual while practicing social distancing and streamed live on several websites and social media platforms. Invited candidates include the following and confirmed participants in this debate are in bold:
1. State Assembly District #11 – Dora Drake (D) & Orlando Owens (R)
2. State Assembly District #12 – Ozell Cox (R) & LaKeshia Meyers (D)
3. State Assembly District #16 – Kaylan Haywood (D) & Dennis Walton (I)
4. State Assembly District #17 – Abie Eisenbach (R) & Supreme Moore Omokunde(D)
5. State Senate District #6 – Michelle Bryant (Write-In)Alciro Deacon (R) & LaTonya Johnson (D)
6. U.S. Wisconsin House District #4 – Gwen Moore (D), Tim Rogers (R) & Robert Raymond (I)
The following candidates have not confirmed their participation in the NAACP-Milwaukee Northside Debate 2020: Dora Drake (D), Kaylan Haywood (D), Supreme Moore Omokunde (D), LaTonya Johnson (D) and Gwen Moore (D).
We strongly urge those unconfirmed candidates to reconsider their participation so as not to be thought of as unconcerned or disrespecting this opportunity to present themselves and political views to the voting public on Milwaukee’s northside.
The NAACP-Milwaukee remains committed to full participation in candidate debates.
Debate Sponsors:
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