MADISON – On Monday and Tuesday this week, Nada For Wisconsin announced three new labor endorsements: American Federation of Teachers – Wisconsin (AFT Wisconsin), Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), and Teaching Assistants’ Association – UW Madison (TAA).

Madison teachers voted to endorse Nada as the best candidate to fight for public education. “The Committee highlights Ms. Elmikashfi’s education and working-class campaign platform; her commitment to strengthening unions; and her advocacy for increasing teachers salaries,” stated the MTI Endorsement Committee. “Additionally, she highlighted the need to create supportive environments for new teachers and promote equitable outcomes for all students.” 

Kim Kohlhaas, president of AFT Wisconsin, promised AFT’s full political support in her endorsement letter – “we could not agree more with (Nada’s) belief that we must move past the Walker era not simply by voting for good laws, but by using legislative office to build working people’s power… we seek to create new coalitions, and a new generation of diverse and intersectional leaders who will carry out a truly democratic agenda.”

 These education labor endorsements are part of the continued consolidation of progressive grassroots organizations around Elmikashfi’s historic candidacy.  

Elmikashfi’s diverse and intergenerational coalition now includes Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, Voces de la Frontera Action, Democratic-Socialists of America (DSA), Adelante, the Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT), Sunrise Movement – Madison, and more.

“The reality is that there has never been a state senate campaign in Wisconsin history that has built a grassroots coalition of this magnitude. Progressive organizations are coalescing around this campaign because they recognize the opportunity and possibility for radical representation for Madison”, said Elmikashfi. “There is hope and excitement that hasn’t been here for decades, we are renewing Madison’s proud progressive tradition.” 

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin echoed this sentiment in their endorsement last week. “We see this as an opportunity to collectively imagine and work toward a more representative state government, open to all. We are excited to see the support that Nada has built during a time when so many are calling for justice…This is a movement moment.”

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