MADISON – Employees have a right to safe working conditions & Dane County residents are entitled to expect good corporate citizenship from large employers. Epic’s irresponsible decision to re-open its 10k person campus puts our entire community at risk. 

In this unprecedented public health crisis—the coronavirus pandemic—forcing employees to go back to work in abnormally unsafe conditions is reckless & sets a dangerous precedent in the fight for worker’s rights.

Epic’s legacy involves blending technology & public health. Ironically, it now finds its self on the cusp of endangering the lives of its own employees and putting immense strain on Dane County’s health care system.  

“Our campaign stands in solidarity with the right to a safe workplace environment and calls on Epic to live up to its mission ‘to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier,’” said Nada Elmikashfi. “The decision to reopen certainly does the exact opposite.”

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