SAN FRANCISCO — NextGen America unveiled today four new advertisements designed to boost enthusiasm for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. With a spend of $2 million, the ads will remain live into August.

NextGen America is working with partners across the industry to identify the message that best shores up Biden support among a voting bloc in which three of four voters dislike Trump, but in which Biden is only winning 60% of the vote. Closing the gap among this essential piece of the Biden coalition is critical to overcoming narrow margins in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

The flight of ads represents the organization’s second set of pro-Biden digital material this cycle following its endorsement of the candidate in May. Data collected on the first round of ads, which launched June 1, have confirmed the operating theory of 2020 that young people want to hear why they should vote for Biden and not simply against Trump. After viewing the ads, young voter support for Biden increased by 3 to 7 points, according to data collected and analyzed by Bully Pulpit Interactive (see chart below).

Original Biden Creative Tested 

  • Biden Positive – This ad illustrates Biden’s key policy points in an aspirational tone without focusing on Trump

  • Compare Sequence – Audiences see individual slides with a Biden position, followed immediately by a contrasting Trump position. Each candidate is shown alone

  • Compare Position – A contrast ad using the same points as Compare Sequence, but both positions are displayed together at the same time

The Biden Positive message best increased Biden vote share (+7% net shift). In no specific groups did the message decrease Biden vote share. All three creative tracks tested led to increases in Biden attributes.

New Ads 

Building off this previous round of creative, the ads launching today include a focus on the progressive leaders from the Bernie/Biden task force, who have helped shape Biden’s policy platform and his position as a bridge figure to the next generation of leaders. The ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube, Vevo, Hulu, connected TV, and other platforms frequented by young potential voters.

“Now is the time to communicate the substantial policy differences between Biden and Trump and make the case to young people that their votes can dramatically alter the course of our country,” said NextGen America Executive Director Ben Wessel. “We’re seeing thousands of young people out in the streets demanding change, and it’s our job to make sure they know that voting is a powerful tool in their toolbox for building a better world.”

The new ads incorporate messaging tested in a May-June online survey of young voters conducted by NextGen America and Global Strategy Group. The survey found that the most effective messages focused on Biden’s ability to build a competent, progressive team around himself and his willingness to listen to young voters.

The four new ads can be viewed below.

Your Choice – Comparing Biden and Trump on the issues

Bridge to the Next Generation – Showing how Biden can pass the torch to young people

A Leader who Listens – Demonstrating that affordable health care is a priority for Biden

Team Biden – Highlighting leaders with policy influence, especially from the Bernie/Biden task forces


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