MADISON, WI – Today marks the deadline to register to vote online or by mail, and with under three weeks from the general election, Wisconsin has reached record numbers of absentee ballot requests and returns. The state’s youngest, and most diverse counties, Dane and Milwaukee, are leading the state in absentee voting by a wide margin; combined, these counties comprise over 31% of the overall votes in state.

“Young voters will not sit on the sidelines. They are voting earlier and at higher rates because they understand what’s at stake,” said Christina Carvalho, NextGen Wisconsin State Director. “The polling suggests a historic year for youth voter turnout, we know from our conversations with voters that young people are ready to turn out.” 

In Wisconsin, young voters will have the largest impact on the results of their election in comparison to young people across the country. Young voters, turned out at historic rates for Governor Evers in 2018, carrying him to his victory. Recent polling suggests that young voters are flocking to Democratic candidate Joe Biden at an even higher rate than they did for Evers in 2018.

“Young voters support for Biden is a death sentence for the Trump campaign. In a state like Wisconsin, even a slight uptick in their turnout rate will outweigh any gains Trump makes in rural Wisconsin,” said NextGen Wisconsin Press Secretary Kade Walker. “Young voters are coming of age to the crippled job market, burdened by gross amounts of debt, a global climate crisis, and a deeply broken justice system. Trump has repeatedly refused to acknowledge these issues, and has actively made them worse.”

NextGen Wisconsin will continue to work towards achieving historic youth turnout until every last vote has been counted.

About NextGen Wisconsin
Wisconsin has voted Democratic in seven of the last 10 presidential elections yet narrowly went red in 2016, helping to elect Trump to the White House. This cycle, NextGen Wisconsin is committed to flipping the Badger State blue to remove Trump from office. NextGen Wisconsin’s strong 2018 program helped power Tony Evers to the governorship by knocking over 178,000 doors, sending over 528,000 texts, and organizing across 32 college campuses.

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