Madison, WI – The Wisconsin GOP did everything in its power to give Daniel Kelly a chance to retain his Supreme Court seat, going so far as to put the health of Wisconsinites everywhere in danger. Nevertheless, voters across the Badger State rose up against some of the grossest acts of voter suppression in recent memory by electing Jill Karofsky, a justice who will prioritize fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights, unions and gun safety over partisan gains. In order to prevent a similar situation from occurring again in upcoming elections, Wisconsin needs to greatly expand ballot access by having universal vote by mail elections.

“In the immediate aftermath of a Supreme Court decision that put lives at danger, we are ecstatic to have a new justice who values people’s health over power,” said NextGen Wisconsin State Operations Director Christina Carvalho. “The bottom line is that Wisconsinites should not have to choose between their health and making their voices heard at the ballot box. Our elected officials must act now to ensure that our upcoming elections can be conducted in a way that allows everyone to cast their ballot safely.”

NextGen Wisconsin will continue to fight voter suppression during its summer and fall programs. 

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