WASHINGTON, DC — With Joe Biden in a strong position for victory, Not Our Faith PAC released the following statement after a successful six-figure TV and online campaign targeting Christian voters in key battleground states in the lead up to Election Day:

“Joe Biden is going to win this election because millions of Christians stood up and said ‘not our faith,’” said Michael Wear, senior advisor of Not Our Faith PAC. “We are thankful to Joe Biden for the coalition he assembled and we are proud of the impact this PAC had in faith communities in battlegrounds across the country. The story of this election cannot be told without identifying the politically, theologically and racially diverse group of Christians who united to support Joe Biden and reject Donald Trump.”

While data will continue to be updated as votes are counted, current national exit poll data shows Biden earning 23% of white evangelical support over Hillary Clinton’s 14%, which accounts for a swing of well over four million votes in the Democratic nominee’s favor. At the state level, consider Michigan, one of Not Our Faith’s top two priority states, as an example of how Christian opposition to Trump and support for Joe Biden has made a potential Biden victory possible. In 2016, according to exit polls, Hillary Clinton won 14% of white evangelicals to Trump’s 81%. According to current exit polling data, Joe Biden won 29% of white evangelicals to Trump’s 70%, a swing of over 300,000 votes, accounting for Biden’s probable margin of victory multiple times over. In Kent County, where we especially focused our resources, Donald Trump received the least support of any Republican nominee in the last fifty years.

So far, Biden has overperformed the 2016 nominee’s showing among white evangelicals in other critical battleground states like Georgia, where he nearly tripled Hillary Clinton’s showing among the demographic which accounted for 39% of the electorate. While there is not comparable data available for white evangelicals for 2016, Biden also performed well among white evangelicals in states like Minnesota and Arizona.

Among Catholics, current data from AP Votecast suggests Biden is competitive among the key demographic.

We expect additional exit polling data to become available in the coming days and Not Our Faith PAC’s senior advisor, Michael Wear, is available to provide further analysis on faith and the election results.

Not Our Faith PAC’s Impact

Not Our Faith PAC’s four powerful ads, “He Doesn’t Respect Us,”  “Not Our Vote, Not Our Faith,” “Catholics Oppose Trump” and “A New Beginning” impacted faith communities across the country as they received millions of views across social media platforms and were cited by leading media outletsjournalists and columnists.

The campaign kicked off in Michigan and Pennsylvania with “Not Our Vote, Not Our Faith,” which unraveled Trump’s ridiculous appeals to Christian voters in the closing weeks of his campaign. Ads later targeted Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin and Ohio markets leading up to election day.

He Doesn’t Respect Us” focused on Trump’s disrespect for evangelical voters after four years of embarrassment and forcing evangelicals to answer for Trump’s immoral and belligerent behavior. Similarly, “Catholics Oppose Trump,” highlighted Trump’s disrespect towards the Catholic faith, his empty promises and recent headlines on current Catholic opposition.

Finally, over the weekend, Not Our Faith PAC released its closing ad, “A New Beginning,” that sent a final uplifting message for and on behalf of the tens of millions of Christians who voted to end Donald Trump’s presidency. The ad stressed the importance of regaining the Christian faith’s voice and ridding our country of Trump’s toxic and pervasive influence.

The PAC’s bipartisan group of Christian leaders, Michael Wear, Autumn Hanna VandeHei, Shapri LoMaglio, Rich Mouw, Ron Sider, Joel Searby, Emily Matthews, Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo and Reverend Alvin Love worked tirelessly to make the argument for why millions of religious voters should oppose President Donald Trump’s re-election. We trust that those who supported Not Our Faith will serve as allies to Joe Biden in restoring the soul of America. We are hopeful that he will live up to his commitment to serve as president of all Americans — including moderate and conservative Christians and other people of faith.

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