Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Justice Daniel Kelly for the Feb. 18 primary for another term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

This endorsement reflects his support of the Second Amendment on cases and controversies that have come before the court during his term. Judge Kelly recognizes and respects the fundamental rights enumerated in the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions, especially the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

“Justice Kelly has been a principled, intelligent, and steadfast supporter of the rule of law,” said Scott Jones, NRA Wisconsin state director. “I have full faith that Justice Kelly will continue to interpret the Wisconsin Constitution and the laws as written, rather than asserting his own biases and preferences as law.”

The NRA urges all its Wisconsin members and supporters to vote for Daniel Kelly in the primary elections on Feb. 18.

“Because the court’s pro-Second Amendment majority is always in jeopardy, our constitutionally protected right to self-defense hangs in the balance with every election,” concluded Jones.

~ NRA ~

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