Some school districts across Dane County are seeing value in creating local, unbiased and
accountable medical advisory boards. Other communities are refusing to implement medical advisory boards, or are hiding that medical advice by avoiding open meetings and public records laws.

OPEN DANE COUNTY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS created its own Medical Advisory Board to (1) offer a medical opinion when there is a vacuum of local opinion in a school district; (2) identify opinions when they do not appear to be accurate, are not complete or are failing to acknowledge other important data or opinion; and (3) to make sure that all the information—balanced information—is getting out.

Join members of the local medical community who will introduce themselves and explain the two months’ worth of studies that show safe, in-person learning can occur. They will also highlight the now-evident risks associated with denying safe, in-person learning to kids.

Parents across Dane County are choosing to balance the medical issues in favor of safe, in-
person school. Peer reviewed, evidence-based studies now show that such safe, in-person learning can occur.

Those interested in asking questions should e-mail the moderator at

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