MADISON, Wis. — Today, ahead of Saturday’s statewide “Voters Decided” celebrations, Opportunity Wisconsin announced a six figure digital display ad campaign thanking Badger State election officials for a faithful counting of votes and encouraging them to continue protecting Wisconsintes’ decision this election season. Opportunity Wisconsin is also running a patch-through call program to local election officials thanking them for counting every vote.

“The Badger State has spoken and our votes have been cast, counted, and called,” said Reba Krueger, Opportunity Wisconsin Deputy Program Director. “We’re incredibly grateful to our local election officials for counting and protecting every vote. Despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers, Wisconsin voters have done our job and turned out in record numbers. And now election officials are doing theirs. It’s time to move forward together so we can tackle challenges like COVID, healthcare and making sure we can all make ends meet.”

“Folks in my community and across the state showed up and spoke up, and we made our voices heard,” said Anna Landmark, Opportunity Wisconsin steering committee member and Landmark Creamery co-owner. “Our election officials did their jobs with integrity and the result we are seeing today is what Wisconsinites have decided. Democracy worked, and we must make sure democracy is upheld.”

“We have always counted every vote. Republican and Democratic poll watchers guaranteed the integrity of the counting. This period is normal and to be expected. The people have spoken and that voice, those votes must be respected. We believe in representative democracy, and we know democracy will prevail,” said Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Opportunity Wisconsin steering committee member and UW-Eau Claire professor.

“Election officials are committed to making sure that every eligible voter has an opportunity to cast a ballot, every voice is heard and every ballot is counted. We need to let them do their jobs, and I am confident in results they’ve tabulated,” said Carlene Bechen, Opportunity Wisconsin steering committee member and Fair Maps Organizer with Wisconsin Voices.

Earlier this week, Opportunity Wisconsin joined with partners in Green Bay and La Crosse for “Count Every Vote” demonstrations to ensure Wisconsinites’ voices were heard and respected. Click HERE for recordings and photos from the November 4 La Crosse event and HERE for the November 3 Green Bay event.

If you would like to speak with any of the voters featured in these events, please contact

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