Milwaukee County Supervisor, Sylvia Ortiz- Velez, announced today that she’s filed to run for 8th Assembly State Representative in November 2020. Longtime State Rep Jo Casta Zamarripa recently was elected to serve as Alderwoman.

“The people of the 8th Assembly District deserve a Representative that understands and addresses the struggles we face. I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s near south side and will always fight for my neighbors. I have pride in our hardworking community and I want to continue to help make our neighborhood a better place to work and live.

It has been an honor to work hard as your Milwaukee County Supervisor and I know that in this new role, we can accomplish so much more! It’s with that sense of duty that I announce my candidacy for Wisconsin State Assembly District 8!.

I know that we deserve a community were we all can be secure and prosperous. I will always fight for you, the voices of the 8th Assembly District will always be heard!”

Ortiz-Velez currently serves as Milwaukee County’s 12th district Supervisor which encompasses the vast majority of the 8th Assembly District . “If Wisconsin is going to succeed, it needs a strong, vibrant Milwaukee at its heart. We need to address crime, education, economic inequality, lack of access to public services, economic development and shared revenues, and funding of local governments.

We need leadership to attract economic development, and stability, We need to keep our neighborhoods safe and affordable for those who’ve been here a long time, while also attracting new residents looking for a new home.

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