APPLETON – In support of Governor Tony Evers’ Executive Order #82, Outagamie County will make available 30,000 disposable face coverings, to address any acute, short-term needs.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson applauded Evers’ order.

“Outagamie County fully supports the Governor’s executive action to implement a statewide mask ordinance,” Nelson said.  “Cases are on the rise and with no sign of abating. When it comes to the fight against the pandemic we have a five-word strategy: six feet and a mask. This is a sensible and critical step in handling the pandemic.”

Nelson explained that masks may be obtained by visiting the Outagamie County Website at here.

“It is incumbent upon local governments like counties to give out citizens the means to follow the mask requirement,” he noted.  “What good is a mask ordinance if you don’t have a mask?”

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