Brookfield, WI – It might be one of the biggest undertakingS America has ever under taken. To meet the demands of the 21st Century, the United States, all 50 of them, will have to come together behind a common plan to update our infrastructure.  Democrat Tom Palzewicz, running for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District seat, envisions the requirements for today’s children and their children that must be met now.

Infrastructure needs will come about regardless of any political affiliations or ideology.  How the nation gets there is a secondary concern compared to the disaster if it doesn’t get there.  Technologies are rapidly changing, the way we work is changing and that will require a rethink of what the priorities will be in the decades ahead.

“Will we always need gas stations?” asked Palzewicz.  “Seriously, as we move towards developing electric cars, we may not need gasoline engines.  You come home and either you plug-in to recharge, or your car may recharge on its own with a device in your garage.  Will people still own cars, or will efficient mass transit eliminate the need for everyone to own their own vehicle?  We need to answer that question, and we need the will to make the necessary changes and prepare for the future.”

This all sounds like science fiction, but so was going to the moon, or the idea of a world wide web.  America expanded it’s technological and economic infrastructure through bipartisan cooperation and national leadership.

“The world is changing and America has to be ready to change with it,” said Palzewicz. “Back in the 1950’s the interstate highway system was created. That took national leadership, under president Dwight D. Eisenhower, because the 48 governors at the time could not have done it. In the 1960’s America was in a space race to go to the moon, but 50 governors could not have completed the vision cast by President John F. Kennedy.”

“So every technological leap, every time we’ve invested in this country from a coordinated standpoint, it has benefited this country tremendously. The idea that we don’t know how we’re going to pay for it is just a bunch of garbage. Because we’ve proven that we can borrow trillions of dollars and nobody blinks an eye. So if we can borrow trillions of dollars just to make sure a few people pay less taxes, we can borrow trillions of dollars to pay for a better infrastructure and future.”

Palzewicz sees the challenges ahead, with the need for broadband expansion, rapid transportation and the essential need for redesigning healthcare for all people. He stands ready to work with Republicans to make America a better place and create equal opportunity for the people of the Fifth District, now and in the decades ahead.

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