Brookfield, WI –  The major challenge with climate change and why so many people either deny it, or chose to ignore it, is that they can’t see it.  Democrat Tom Palzewicz, running for the Fifth Congressional District seat, wants Americans to examine the facts and take decisive action in encouraging politicians to deal with the issue.

Most people look for leadership in Congress, and desire that their representatives act in the best interest of the district and its citizens.  But Republicans in Congress either do not understand the severity of the issue of climate change, or they choose to ignore it.

“The idea that there are two or more sides to an issue is simply not true, because climate change is already clearly evident,” said Palzewicz.  “There is or there isn’t climate change. People who deny it are simply wrong. The evidence is overwhelming.  Anything to the contrary is wishful thinking and a delusion.

“The challenge with this issue is that it’s not visible, like clean air and clean water.  So this is why it’s such a different issue.  This is a massive, global occurrence. When the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught fire, in the late 1960’s, everybody noticed.  Since then, much has been done to clean up rivers and streams. In the seventies, the Milwaukee River was a mess, but we’ve done a tremendous job of cleaning up our air and our water. We still have a lot of work to do, but that’s because we could see it. And we understood the impact of it. The problem is that most people don’t see what’s happening when it comes to climate, because we’re the frog and the pot of water that’s boiling. And we’re not going to realize it until it’s too late.”

Palzewicz will support the Unites States getting back into the Paris Accord and join nations around the world to address the climate crisis problem.  At present a major adversary in taking any definitive action in fighting climate change is the fossil fuel industry.

“The fossil fuel industry receives about $650 billion in subsidies and renewables only receive about 27 billion,” said Palzewicz.  “That’s a huge differential. Why the fossil fuel industry needs us to subsidize them to the tune of $650 billion is mind boggling. When, if you look at the profit created by those industries, changing those two things, getting us back in the Paris climate accord, and rearranging the way we subsidize energy has to be the starting point. The massive amount money for a privileged few is the great hurdle, regardless of how many millions of acres burn and how high the oceans rise.  The people who will fight this have a lot of money to fight with.”

Big money special interests are the great enemy of climate change action and Palzewicz will fight for reforms and try to show Fifth District residents and the Republican Party, that there isn’t two sides to the climate change issue.  The climate change crisis is a fact that every living soul on earth will have to deal with before it is too late.

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