Brookfield, WI– They didn’t meet to discuss the pandemic, and they aren’t meeting to debate any other issues of concern to the citizens of Wisconsin. Senate Majority Leader Scott  Fitzgerald, mirroring U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is happy to do nothing. Based on Fitzgerald’s lack of legislative response to Covid-19, many in Wisconsin are calling for his resignation.  Democrat Tom Palzewicz will stand up and be counted, which is why he is running against Fitzgerald for the Fifth Congressional District seat.

According to  the National Council of State Legislatures, “Wisconsin has been the least-active, full-time legislature in the entire country since the beginning of the pandemic.” State Senator Chris Larson said in early October that the legislature hasn’t convened in 174 days.

“This is a time when America needs leadership and decisive action,” said Palzewicz. “We need to unite and effect an action plan to fight the pandemic, unemployment, climate change, and social injustice. What we don’t need is Republican leadership that chooses to pass the buck and let somebody else deal with the consequences.

“I don’t know what Scott Fitzgerald stands for, because he doesn’t discuss his positions on any issue. What I do know is he doesn’t believe the state government should govern. He would rather leave that to the courts.  America has had enough of this autocratic, take-it-or-leave-it governing, and has had its fill of Donald Trump’s Republican Party. This isn’t leadership, it’s lunacy,.”

State Senator Tim Carpenter released a statement on Wednesday calling for Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to resign, citing frustration with the state senate’s lack of Covid-19 or unemployment-related legislation.

“Wisconsin is in a full blown public health crisis, with our state currently ranking in the top three worst states for COVID-19,” Carpenter told Channel 3000. “We are facing the worst public health crisis since 1918 and the Legislature has no scheduled meetings.”

The Democratic state senator said the pandemic would only worsen and that as cases rise, Wisconsin’s health care delivery systems could be overwhelmed.

“The Republican-controlled Legislature has done nothing for over 170 days, failing to convene to pass any legislation to combat COVID-19 or the ongoing unemployment crisis,” Carpenter said. “Senator Fitzgerald admitted that the Republicans don’t have a COVID-19 plan, even while they constantly criticize Governor Evers’ public health plans.”

Carpenter said Fitzgerald should step down and urged the legislature to convene in committees and sessions to pass Covid-19 legislation.

Palzewicz believes the government has a responsibility to act and represent the needs of the people. He favors bipartisan decision-making but cautions that Republicans have been reluctant to come to the table with Democrats because Trump has divided the country and does not favor compromise and collaboration.

“They say they have a plan other than Governor Ever’s safer at home edict,” said Palzewicz. “What plan? We haven’t seen any plan, there has been no discussion, no debate. Wisconsin is being run like a third-world dictatorship. Nearly 140 thousand Wisconsinites have tested positive for COVID-19, and our legislature does nothing, because Scott Fitzgerald won’t allow it.”

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