Brookfield, WI –  If the Democrats win the White House and flip the Senate, what will happen between Election Day and the installation of the new Congress and the Inauguration? Wisconsin is an example to the nation of what could happen.

When Democrat Tony Evers defeated Republican Scott Walker, Republicans sprang into motion to affect legislation that would limit the new governor’s powers. If President Donald Trump is defeated, that could lead to some interesting days in Washington.

“We saw this in Wisconsin where the Republicans basically went back and passed the set of laws to take away the power of the incoming Democrat,” said Palzewicz. “I think we have to be cognizant of the fact that there’s going to be a lame duck. What might Mitch McConnell and the Republicans do if the Senate flips? After the election, if Trump becomes a lame duck, I don’t know what McConnell would do. I am sure they won’t go quietly into that good night.”

When Walker lost in Wisconsin, the legislature, led by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Palzewicz’s opponent, immediately took action to strip powers from the governor-elect. The Fitzgerald-led legislature has taken to the courts to legislate, rather than take on the governor’s actions in open debate.  When there was no governor to oppose in debate, they legislated away the incoming governor’s powers.

“That’s really the last meaningful thing our full-time legislature has done,” said Palzewicz. “Every other important action has been a lawsuit. If Fitzgerald wins the seat, he will be in the minority and will not have the luxury of hiding in the backroom and not being counted.  He will not have the power to legislate by litigation. He is likely to get a taste of his own medicine because he won’t have Donald Trump and a Republican majority to protect him.”

“Abuse of power and corruption are issues in this election. I am running because it is time to bring integrity back to government and not allow corruption to ride rough shod over democracy. Fitzgerald and his boys went to the court recently to once again block the efforts of Governor Evers to fight the pandemic, even though Wisconsin is one of the highest rising hot spots on the country. Fitzgerald isn’t the answer for Wisconsin.”

Palzewicz warns that social media fans the flames of misinformation, feeding the Republican strategy. He cautions people to be discerning, informed, and see all sides of the issues.

“Our nation has benefited from free and open elections since the late 18th century,” said Palzewicz. “Power moves from one party to the other, presidents and congressmen come and go, but democracy has worked.  It works when we all work together.  It will fail when the desire for power supersedes the collective good.”

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