Brookfield, WI –  Less than 24 hours after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued a state-wide mask order as a measure to control the increase of Coronavirus outbreaks in Wisconsin, Fitzgerald and the Republicans appear to be rallying once again to block the Governor’s mandate. Democrat Tom Palzewicz, who is running (likely against Fitzgerald) for the Fifth Congressional District, questioned this plan.

“All across the nation, we see simple measures, like wearing masks, play an important role in controlling this pandemic. But for some reason, Republicans rail against these measures,” said Palzewicz. “We are considered a ‘hot spot’ state by the Trump administration, and Chicago doesn’t want Wisconsinites to visit. Yet, Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos don’t want to take any positive steps to help contain the virus in Wisconsin. Since they blocked the Governor’s Badger Bonce Back plan in May, the cases of Covid-19 have been on the rise here, reaching their highest levels just this week. They offer no plan, no common-sense measures to protect public health. They want to stop Governor Evers from doing his job.

“Our Governor, Tony Evers, continues to define what strong leadership looks like, but there is no Republican collaboration, just litigation, and threats. It’s all about power and control and has nothing to do with public safety or protecting Wisconsin. Fitzgerald has moved from just being an obstructionist to now advocating against life saving measures.”

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