At the height of public outcry, protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and calls to defund the police, I am shocked and appalled that law enforcement deemed it appropriate to shoot an unarmed person, a Black man, a father, seven times, in front of his three children shortly after trying to be a good citizen and maintain the peace in his own neighborhood. We need to invest and reinvest in other social services, we need to move money spent on police activities to other government services while stripping police departments of their military-grade weapons. Our police force shouldn’t have to be the one that gets called for everything that happens in our society. Systemic racism is a problem and a public health crisis that poses a severe threat to this country. Wisconsin consistently ranks last as a safe, healthy, and integrated state for the Black community. I stand with Governor Evers and the rest of the public officials who are outraged at these senseless shootings and demand justice for Jacob Blake.

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