Brookfield, WI –  CNN reported that Wisconsin ranks third in the nation with new COVID-19 cases. Still, to date, the Wisconsin Legislature led by Scott Fitzgerald has done nothing, except sue the governor for taking appropriate action to contain COVID-19. Democrat Tom Palzewicz wants Fitzgerald to stop obstructing Wisconsin’s Covid-19 response.

Palzewicz is running against Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald, who, along with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, has prevented Wisconsin from moving forward, which is a major contributing factor to the spike in cases.

“They have offered no plan on how to combat COVID-19 in Wisconsin,” said Palzewicz. “Instead, they go to court and sue, but for what purpose? Badger Bounce-back was working, yet Fitzgerald went to the Supreme Court to stop it. There is no Republican plan in Wisconsin, in Washington, or from the White House. There is just action against anyone who does want to do something.

“The legislature, Congress, has a solemn responsibility to unify the state and country, to bring about a strategy for fighting this pandemic. Fitzgerald won’t debate the issue. He won’t even respond to invitations to discuss the pandemic. He responds to nothing. We have been going downhill ever since that terrible decision in the Supreme Court, and we will continue to go downhill under Republican rule.

“As a candidate for Congress, Fitzgerald also does not present any positions, other than he hates Nancy Pelosi and supports Donald Trump. He won’t debate, discuss or even respond about key issues that are facing this nation.”

Palzewicz believes in open discussion and listing to all positions on the issues.

“Democracy is all about bringing ideas to the table,” Palzewicz continued. “There are ideas I don’t agree with, but we need to discuss those ideas and see if there are areas of agreement and commonality.  Republicans do not seem to want to do this.  Mitch McConnell prevents debate in the U.S. Senate, Fitzgerald gavels the Wisconsin Senate without so much as a discussion.  This is not democracy.  It is authoritarianism. This is not what we’re about.”

Palzewicz is running to bring democracy back to government.  He wants to confront the issues facing us and work with Republicans to solve problems. He believes in airing out viewpoints and debating the issues. Moreover, he has openly welcomed the opinions of voters, both on the right and left.

“I do not want to go to Washington to represent only those who voted for me,” said Palzewicz. “I am a Wisconsinite and an American, first and foremost. Government is all about representing the people, not the party. Problems do not get solved by litigation. They get solved by people listening and working towards agreement. Authoritarians do not understand this, nor do they respect it.”

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