Vice President Pence is set to speak today at the Capitol to promote private school choice.

Dem Gov. Tony Evers yesterday said he wasn’t scheduled to be in the building and wouldn’t attend the event.

The East Washington Avenue entrance to the Capitol will be the only one open to state employees from 6 a.m. to the end of the Wisconsin School Choice Student Showcase event. The Wisconsin Avenue entrance opens to the public at 8 a.m., and everyone entering the building ahead of the event will have to go through security.

The Secret Service has provided DOA a list of prohibited items, which include firearms, even for those with a concealed carry permit.

The list of banned items includes glass and thermal or insulated containers such as coffee mugs or water bottles. Any prohibited items that are confiscated won’t be returned.

The event is slated to run from noon to 1 p.m. and all entrances will reopen without security at the conclusion.

Pence is the first known sitting vice president or president to set foot inside the state’s current Capitol building, according to LRB and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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