Dem Brad Pfaff is out with a pair of new TV ads in the open 32nd SD, including one that seeks to tie GOP opponent Dan Kapanke to President Trump and former Gov. Scott Walker.

Advertising Analytics shows Pfaff continuing with a significant spending advantage on TV, cable, radio and digital in the La Crosse area race. The former DATCP secretary and groups backing him have committed more than $857,000 compared to more than $529,000 for Kapanke, who represented the seat from 2005-2011.

The narrator in one ad says if Kapanke’s name sounds familiar, it “might be because he’s been part of the dysfunction in Madison for years” as the screen recounts his first run for the seat in 2004, his recall in 2011, his run and defeat in 2016, and this year’s bid.

The narrator then says Kapanke wants to end coverage for folks with pre-existing conditions as the ad shows a picture of him with Walker.

“Sound familiar?” the narrator asks as the screen shows a picture of Trump.

The narrator then says Kapanke voted for billions in tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy and took from a local charity for his own personal use. After each knock, the narrator asks, “Sound familiar?” as the ad tries to compare him to Trump.

In the other spot, Pfaff says when he looks at the Capitol he sees “self-interest and special interests, but very little interest in us,” as he promises to make health care more affordable, help farms thrive and “get our community working again.”

See the ad knocking Kapanke:

See Pfaff’s spot on his family:

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