Dem Paul Piotrowski is up with a new TV ad that accuses Sen. Pat Testin, R-Stevens Point, of supporting “billions in taxpayer dollars” for Foxconn while getting “nothing in return: no accountability, no guaranteed jobs.”

Piotrowski, a retired Stevens Point police officer, has now laid down nearly $410,000 in broadcast TV, cable and radio, according to Advertising Analytics. Meanwhile, Testin is up to more than $289,000.

The narrator in the new TV ad says it’s “that time of year when Madison politicians try to rewrite history.” It uses footage from a Testin TV ad showing him shooting a basket as the narrator says he took cash from insurance companies and then helped them “score” by “single handedly blocking protections for people with preexisting conditions.”

The ad then knocks him on the Foxconn vote.

“In Madison, Testin’s working for the special interests, not us,” the narrator says. 

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