Planned Parenthood understands your sexual and reproductive health care can’t wait, even during these uncertain times. It’s why we’ve launched the new Planned Parenthood Direct app – so Wisconsinites can continue to take care of their health while practicing social distancing during COVID-19. Planned Parenthood is proud to use technology to reach people with the health care and information they need wherever they are. In addition to providing care through telehealth and in our health centers across the state, patients can now visit with a clinician through the Planned Parenthood Direct mobile app for 24/7 access to birth control (pills, patch and ring only) and treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).
“At Planned Parenthood we understand the challenges individuals may be facing to access the care they need,” said PPWI President and CEO Tanya Atkinson. “Maintaining timely access to birth control and UTI treatment during COVID through technology can help to minimize barriers – such as time, transportation, and the ability to go to a health center appointment – which can prevent patients from obtaining the health care needed. With the Planned Parenthood Direct app, many users can access care from the safety and comfort of their home,” Atkinson stated.
Users can download the app for free from the Android and iOS app stores to request an annual prescription for birth control pills, patches or rings as well as treatment for a UTI. The app also offers information about the benefits, side-effects, and efficacy of other birth control methods.
Here’s how it works — app users answer a few questions related to their health history securely through the app. This is then assessed by a Planned Parenthood medical provider who reviews the information according to established evidence-based protocols. Based on their health history, if the user is eligible to receive care online, the provider writes the prescription within one business day. Individuals who need to be seen in person for a health exam will be referred for care to a nearby family planning provider.
Patients can choose mail delivery of their prescriptions or pick-up their prescriptions from a nearby pharmacy. They can also sign up for automatic refills for the whole year.
Here are the details: 
·       Patients can opt to have their pills mailed to their home or sent to a pharmacy for pick-up. Pills picked up at a pharmacy may be covered by insurance. Pills delivered by mail cannot be covered by insurance at this time when using Planned Parenthood Direct.
·       Cost for visit via app: $25 (no visit fee for patients who select birth control pills delivered by mail)
·       Cost for birth control: Starts at $25 per pill pack. Shipping is free. At the pharmacy, costs vary based on insurance coverage.
·       Cost for UTI prescription: Depends on what medicine is prescribed and the pharmacy you choose, it could range from as little as $4 to as much as $60
·       Payment with credit, debit, or prepaid card.
·       Users can also make a health center appointment.
·       Delivery time: 2-3 days.
·       Automatic refills? Yes, for 1 year.
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