GLENDALE – Neal Plotkin, candidate for the Wisconsin State Senate, District 8, today issued the following statement regarding Sen. Alberta Darling’s comments on the state Legislature’s inactivity:


“Alberta Darling’s comments that Wisconsin lawmakers have “done enough” to fight the spiking coronavirus pandemic are the perfect example of the total lack of compassion and leadership, along with a complete dereliction of duty from her and the entire Republican leadership in Wisconsin’s legislative chambers.


“It is reckless and shameless. As Wisconsin’s confirmed caseload and death tallies climb embarrassingly nationwide, Darling and her Senate cohorts neglect their responsibilities and refuse to do their job addressing public safety and citizen needs.


“Then they waste millions in taxpayer dollars filing lawsuits to prevent Governor Evers from acting to safeguard Wisconsin. Despite getting full-time pay with full-time staff, the Republicans have thumbed their noses at Wisconsin citizens. Wisconsinites deserve better, and our community in the 8th District deserves a senator who will get to work.”


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