Racine, WI – Today, in response to Bryan Steil’s press release related to Kenosha, Democrat Roger Polack who is running against Steil in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, called on Bryan Steil to stop lying.


“Bryan Steil is a liar; he’s trying to manipulate public perception of a tragic time for political gain and he should be ashamed of himself. Steil knows that the protestors whose van was stopped by US Marshalls, which he cites and insinuates that an attack was thwarted, were there to serve food to protestors and were released by Kenosha police. Federal law enforcement investigations are already underway in Kenosha without Steil’s sham letter to the Department of Justice, and unlike Steil, I actually have experience working with the DOJ to investigate the funding of criminal organizations—I worked closely with DOJ to investigate corruption and insurgent funding in Afghanistan.”


About Roger Polack

Roger Polack grew up in Racine, one of four children in a blue-collar family.  After graduating from Horlick High School, he put himself through UW-Madison and ultimately law school at Georgetown University, studying law at night while working on some of the most pressing national security issues our country faces during the day. He served in the Bush and Obama administrations as an intelligence analyst and then a senior policy advisor. Polack deployed to Afghanistan multiple times to take on the Taliban, shut down their financing pipeline, and expose corruption in Afghanistan.  He also worked to hold China’s feet to the fire on investment and national security issues and to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Since then he’s served as an attorney focusing on public international law and investigations. He’s running for Congress because he wants to continue serving our country and ensure that every family, just like his own, has the opportunity to build a better life for themselves.

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