MILWAUKEE — In Case You Missed It… Sen. Ron Johnson chose to reject the compromise COVID relief package, after attempting to block stimulus checks, and failed to support even minimal aid for Wisconsinites struggling during the pandemic. In response, Protect Our Care’s Coronavirus War Room Director Zac Petkanas released the following statement:


“After nearly seven months of pure obstruction from Mitch McConnell, Ron Johnson, and their Republican colleagues, we applaud Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer for squeezing water from a stone and getting some relief to families before the holidays. 


“Unfortunately, as a direct result of McConnell and Johnson’s obstruction, this slimmed down package does far too little, far too late.


“By nickel and diming families on direct checks and unemployment insurance — as well as outright blocking aid to Red and Blue states desperately trying to keep essential workers and first responders on the job — Republican lawmakers have ensured that this emergency bill only scratches the surface on addressing the greatest economic catastrophe since the Great Depression.


“Since May, Mitch McConnell and Ron Johnson have left Wisconsinites to grin and bear the worst economic and public health crisis facing our country in decades without any assistance. They have killed proposal after proposal, mostly in an effort to shield wealthy corporate donors with special legal protections when endangering employees and to tie the hands of the incoming Biden Administration on additional economic relief.


“The result has been Wisconsin families suffering unemployment that has stayed at Great Recession levels for nine straight months, a looming eviction crisis, and the deadliest wave of the pandemic yet. 


“The Republican position has failed Wisconsin’s families and businesses, leaving our economy in peril. Wisconsinites need – and the public wants – meaningful relief. 


“Without it, communities will continue to suffer and their pain will be squarely on the shoulders of Mitch McConnell and his obstructionist allies. When Congress returns in January, Mitch McConnell needs to join with Democrats to pass legislation that puts the health and economic well being of the American people first and gets the job done.”

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