MILWAUKEE, WI — This week, Wisconsin health care advocates were featured at the Democratic National Convention to discuss what is at stake in the 2020 election and hold President Trump accountable for his relentless war on health care. 

Julie Buckholt, a mother and retired educator joined Vice President Biden and advocates from across the country on a panel to highlight how Trump’s attacks on health care have affected Wisconsinites, and discuss how the Affordable Care Act has expanded access to quality, affordable health care in Wisconsin. Panelists also highlighted Biden’s plan to make health care accessible and affordable.

Julie shared that caring for daughters with myasthenia gravis means that she has to fight for their medications. “Before the ACA, we worried about our medications, we worried about pre-existing conditions for our children, we worried about age and [lifetime] caps.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee resident shares medical challenges before Affordable Care Act 

A Milwaukee resident spoke about her experience with battling a rare illness and the cost of its medication during a pre-recorded, remote panel with Joe Biden about healthcare that was aired after Biden was formally declared the nominee.


“Because of the myasthenia gravis, and the fact that it’s a very rare disease, a lot of our medications—we have to fight for (them),” Julie Buckholt told the nominee.


You can watch a full recording of the event here and read more about Julie’s appearance at the DNC: 


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