MADISON – The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) is excited to join hundreds of energy efficiency advocacy groups and organizations from around the United States, to recognize Energy Efficiency Day on October 7, 2020. In partnership with the PSC, Governor Tony Evers proclaimed the day as Energy Efficiency Day throughout Wisconsin. The day is an opportunity to remember that energy efficiency saves money, cuts pollution, and creates jobs.
“Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to drive down utility bills and avoid the costly construction of power plants and transmission lines,” said PSC Chairperson, Rebecca Cameron Valcq. “Wisconsin’s energy efficiency program, Focus on Energy, provides a tremendous value to our state, giving back $5.85 in economic and environmental benefits for every $1.00 invested.
A recent study found that investments from Focus on Energy in energy efficiency and renewable energy will add $2.2 billion in economic benefits to the Wisconsin economy through 2042. Investments in energy-saving measures through Focus on Energy programs generate instant, long-term benefits that accrue over time with continued use.
The report also showed that investments in Focus on Energy from 2015 – 2018 will create almost 21,000 jobs in the State of Wisconsin, with each program year expected to generate 5,250 jobs or more through 2042. Most of the jobs will be created by growing demand of energy efficient equipment, which supports suppliers and circulates money in the local economy. Despite the benefits and increased consumer demand for the program, when compared to our neighboring states, Wisconsin has fallen behind in funding for Focus on Energy.
Recently, the PSC asked for an increase in contributions from utilities to Focus on Energy as part of its 2021-2023 biennial state budget request. The program’s most recent potential study concluded that a funding increase will increase the program’s total energy savings by approximately 50%.
You can find a link to the Governor’s official proclamation here. For more information regarding Energy Efficiency Day, you can visit
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