Long-time resident pledges to work towards more equitable city

Madison, WI —  Regina Vidaver announced today she is running for Madison City Council, District 5, to replace Alder Shiva Bidar, who is stepping down after 12 years in the role.

“I am running on a platform of building and achieving equity within Madison”, Vidaver said. “Disparities in educational attainment, housing and food access, and economic recovery will take work with the community to improve. I am passionate about maintaining the natural beauty of our lakes and wetlands, and the wildlife they attract. I pledge to continue serving as Alder Bidar did: with responsiveness to constituents, honor for the city, and a deep commitment to building and achieving equity among all our residents.”

Vidaver is a member of Madison’s Food Policy Council, Healthy Retail Access Program, and Regional Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Work Group. She serves on the Board of Directors of Beth Israel Center, and the Madison Metropolitan School District Advanced Learning Advisory Committee. Vidaver is an employee of the Department of Health Services, where she oversees the state’s chronic disease and cancer prevention programs. She is also a part-time fitness instructor at YMCA of Dane County.

Vidaver has lived in the district for the past 17 years, with a previous 6-year stint as a graduate student at UW-Madison, where she earned her PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology. She resides in District 5 with her husband and two children, ages 18 & 15 (Go West Regents!), and their tuxedo cat, Gary.

Former Alder Denise DeMarb will serve as Vidaver’s campaign Treasurer. The campaign can be reached at Regina.4.Madison@gmail.com.

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