Rep. Allen (R-Waukesha) released the following statement regarding the extension of Gov. Evers’ Mask Mandate:

Fully acknowledged in Governor Evers’ Executive Order 90 is a large growth in COVID-19 positive tests since this mandate was put into place in late July.  Data is in: masks either hurt or do not seem to make a difference. 

Furthermore, much of the growth is in positive tests among college students who have not sought treatment for a COVID-related ailment, but are being tested far more frequently than the general population.  COVID-19 cases are stabilizing or declining otherwise.  Gov. Evers’ panic is about positive tests, not actual illness which require medical intervention.

I’d suggest Gov. Evers return to the classroom, because he seems to have forgotten how to analyze scientific data.

Even if the mask mandate did work, government has no business ordering the general public to wear them.  The Legislature should pursue any and all remedies to cease Executive Order #90 and Emergency Order #1.

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