Section 11.0204(1) of Wisconsin Statutes requires a full report of all contributions and expenditures.  A full report, according to statute must include street addresses of those from whom contributions are received as well as where expenditures are made.  Further the statute requires a disclosure of the occupation of a contributor if the cumulative contribution exceeds $200 in the election cycle.

Citizens may view filed reports on the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System (  Selecting the year 2020, the office – State Assembly, and the District 97, one can view each of the reports submitted in this election year.  There are currently three reports on file for each candidate with another due on Monday, October 26th.

Mistakes happen, however, when each report subsequent to the first fails to comply with the law, it begs the question, is this a simple mistake?

Given that Mr. Perry ran for this same office in 2014 and filed reports which complied with the statutory requirements then, ignorance is an insufficient explanation.

Furthermore, one wonders what is the point of having an Elections Commission, if it is not going to enforce election law?

“It is incredible to me that someone would campaign to be a lawmaker while breaking the law which is basic to the election itself,” said Rep. Scott Allen.

“Is Mr. Perry trying to hide this information?  Does he believe himself to be above the law?  Will he choose to ignore laws regulating the activities of legislators if he should be elected?” asked Allen.

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