Rep. Allen released the following statement on the closure of state parks:

The order by Gov. Evers to shut down 40 state parks across southern Wisconsin has gone too far.

We have done a good job of social distancing for the last couple of weeks.  We are seeing evidence that would suggest that the curve is being flattened.  The last thing we need to do now is punish people by not allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors.

By the governor’s own admission, the decision is based on litter, crowds, and vandalism.  The administration should have anticipated an increase in popularity of the parks. What else is there for people to do?  Resources should be reallocated to address the demand.

Governor Evers is doing his best to create a nanny state.  Healthy people are by now aware of the risks and smart risk reduction measures like keeping physical distance, sneezing into elbows, etc.  Let them live their lives!

The patience of the people of Wisconsin will only go so far.  The Governor is running out of time.

The 97th Assembly District includes portions of the City of Waukeshaand the Towns of Waukesha, Genesee, and Mukwonago.

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