Rep. Allen released the following statement on the extension of Emergency Order 12, “Safer at Home”:

Heck no, we can’t stay home! We need to work!

This is the message my constituents are telling me.

We need to proceed safely and smartly, but we need to open Wisconsin.  Business leaders need to begin thinking about how they will keep their customers safe and begin putting plans in place.

Governor Evers needs to be clear about what kind of benchmarks he expects to see for his administration to lift the restrictions.  Without clear benchmarks then we can only judge his decision-making to be arbitrary.

There are many risk management questions before us.  We need to have honest public dialog about the potential costs of shutdown and the costs of the virus.

The costs go beyond economic. Prolonged, extreme social distancing measures will have severe mental health consequences, severe domestic abuse consequences, severe alcohol and drug abuse and addiction consequences. Health consequences from individuals being unable to receive routine preventative and primary care is also likely, as telemedicine is not appropriate for many situations.  Additionally, we know from past experience that the economic consequences of recession, or even depression, will disproportionately affect the poor.

People say that there are life or death consequences with opening up.  Absolutely, and there are quality of life consequences to remaining closed as well.

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