The result of any election, including the 2020 Presidential Election, needs to be trusted by people on both sides of the political aisle.  Election integrity and confidence in the accuracy of results are necessary to continue as the world’s finest example in self-governance.


Both Republicans and Democrats should welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that our election systems are secure. To the extent that they were not secure, we all should want to determine what happened and remedy the situation.  There are weeks of time between the election and the certification of delegates to the Electoral College precisely for this reason.


We want to make sure that the reported election results for the State of Wisconsin are accurate and that every legal vote has been counted.


The President has a legal right to ask for a recount or to file litigation if he has a claim of fraud.


The Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee has been tasked with investigating and reporting on the conduct of this recent election.  It has an important role to play in ensuring the faith of Wisconsinites and Americans in the Wisconsin election process.  I will support its work over the next several weeks, and ask for patience from everyone.


We all need to put speculation aside and allow the process to play out.

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