Madison… Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam), member of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, made the following statement after the committee held a hearing on three audits of the Department of Workforce Development.  The audits were released by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau on the state Unemployment Insurance program.

“These audits show that the unemployed did their job- and unfortunately, the Evers’ administration did not step up and do its job when the unemployed needed them most.  These audits by the nonpartisan Audit Bureau put in black and white what we have known for months.  Republicans have been calling for action and the response from the Governor has been excuses and finger pointing.  It is clear that the Evers’ administration lacks leadership and because of that, they have failed thousands of Wisconsinites at a time of need.

Not only does the Evers’ administration lack leadership, but they are also pushing bad policies.  In their response to the audits, they suggest Wisconsin changes their laws to be more like Illinois. It’s important to point out Illinois is broke and has a $3 billion loan from the federal government, causing lawmakers to beg for a federal bailout.  Wisconsin has a $1.2 billion positive balance in its trust fund with no loan from the federal government.  Republican reforms resulted in a record high UI Trust Fund balance and the lowest unemployment rate in state history.  The Evers’ administration policies would take Wisconsin backwards and harm the state.”

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