Beaver Dam… Governor Evers issued Executive Order #90, relating to declaring a Public Health Emergency. Included in his order was inaccurate information about cities with the fastest increase of COVID-19 cases in the United States- citing Beaver Dam, Wisconsin as one of the top twenty cities. Rep. Born released the following statement after publication of the order:

“Here is yet another example of how out of touch Governor Evers is with the state of Wisconsin. By choosing to cite inaccurate information from an out-of-state, liberal media source over resources we have right here at the state and local level, he is simply causing even more confusion and panic at a time of extreme uncertainty.

Over the past six months, public health has worked around the clock to provide us with accurate information to help guide important decisions on what is best for our communities. I applaud them for their hard work as we continue to work together to move Wisconsin forward through these difficult times.

Now is not the time to be promoting false information. We are in the middle of a nationwide pandemic and the people of Wisconsin are looking for leadership. As Governor, your statements have consequences. I join other local leaders in calling on the Governor to retract the use of this inaccurate data from his order.”

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