Rep. Rob Brooks Named Friend of Home Health Care

Madison, WI—The Wisconsin Association for Home Health Care has selected Representative Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) as a Friend of Home Health Care for his leadership in authoring Assembly Bill 447/Senate Bill 416. The legislation sought to increase the Medicaid reimbursement rate for home health care services by ten percent.

“Home health care is a convenient, cost-effective option for people who need additional care beyond what family and friends can typically provide. Data shows that home health care services lead to 26% fewer acute care hospital admissions, 59% fewer hospital bed days, and 19-30% in total medical cost savings. It has been over a decade since Wisconsin’s home health care agencies received a Medicaid reimbursement rate increase,” said Representative Brooks.

Wisconsin’s home health agencies regularly lose nurses, typically due to higher earning capabilities in other health care industry sectors. Current Medicaid reimbursement levels make it difficult to operate home health care agencies, retain essential workforce, and adequately serve Wisconsin’s home health care patients.

“My bill sought to retain registered nursing staff who manage this high quality, low-cost health care option. It was a win-win for health care providers and the patients for whom they care. I look forward to continuing the conversation on ways to address issues the home health care industry is facing,” stated Representative Brooks.

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