Madison, WI—Representative Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) issued the following statement in response to Governor Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate:

“I am completely outraged by Governor Evers’ decision to require Wisconsinites to don face masks. As a strong advocate for personal freedom and choice, this action is entirely contradictory to these principles. The decision whether or not to wear a face mask should be left to each Wisconsinite, not Governor Evers.

To say that Governor Evers’ mandate is politically motivated would be a drastic understatement. He is waiting until the day after a conservative justice leaves the Wisconsin Supreme Court to enforce this mandate. This is no coincidence, but a strategic, political move on the governor’s part.

Wisconsin does not need a statewide, one-size-fits all approach to combat COVID-19. I have full confidence that our local governments and health departments are able to address each community’s individual needs and respond accordingly. The need for local control and discretion has never been more evident than after today’s directive.

There has not been any new evidence that would lead to the need for a statewide mask requirement. As such, I will continue to fight against this unconstitutional mandate and work to restore the personal freedom and liberties that are currently being stripped from Wisconsinites.”

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