MILWAUKEE – In response to the tragic shooting at the Molson Coors campus in Milwaukee this afternoon, State Representative Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“While some of the details of this afternoon’s tragic shooting at the Molson Coors campus are still hazy, one thing continues to be absolutely clear: it is past time to take real, decisive action in order to protect our communities from the scourge of gun violence. Because of the actions of one individual with irresponsibly easy access to a firearm, at least six Wisconsin families are mourning unfathomable losses, and an entire community has been traumatized. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families, and they and everyone affected by the events of this afternoon are in my prayers.”

According to reports, a recently-fired former employee in uniform opened fire and took the lives of at least six other Molson Coors employees at the company’s Milwaukee campus this afternoon. The shooting at Molson Coors this afternoon marks the tenth mass shooting in Wisconsin since 2004.

“But in times like this, thoughts and prayers are not – and never have been – enough. In the past 16 years, Wisconsin communities have suffered ten mass shootings, and countless other fatal and near-fatal incidents involving firearms. Time and again, public opinion polling shows that Wisconsinites are in favor of common sense gun reform legislation. We have committed community groups like Moms Demand Action and the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort who have organized their communities and continue to keep these issues at the forefront. We have a governor who specifically called a special session of the Legislature this session in order to address gun violence. And yet, time and again, bought-and-paid-for Republican politicians in this state do everything they possibly can to block simple and popular reform measures from making their way through the political process, all while more and more Wisconsinites die as a direct result of their antipathy and inaction. So today, I have one question for any politician who continues to block these life-saving reforms: how many NRA dollars are Wisconsin lives worth?”

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