Neenah, WI – On October 6th, Governor Evers issued an order restricting businesses to 25% capacity. 55th State Assembly Candidate Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R-Neenah) issued the following statement:

“Though the rise in COVID-19 cases is concerning, a statewide order breaking the backs of small businesses is not the answer. Yet again, Secretary-Designee Palm is on shaky legal ground as well. The administrative rules process is there for a reason, and circumventing the legislature for something as significant as this is completely unacceptable.”

“Small business owners across the 55th State Assembly District have voiced their frustration and fear at this most recent overreach from the Evers administration. As a healthcare professional, I have seen first-hand how these businesses have adjusted to accommodate social distancing and sanitation standards. Those who have not followed these standards are where we see risk of contracting COVID-19 rise. The solution to this calls for more community engagement from local health and elected of icials, not a blanket statewide order arbitrarily kneecapping business owners. It’s long past time the legislature took action to strike down some of these unhelpful and dangerous orders.”

“It is clear that local jurisdictions, businesses, and families will formulate the best safety practices for their communities. One-size-fits-all approaches do not work in the real world, and what works in Milwaukee may not work in Neenah. I am urging the state legislature to strike down this dangerous order, which could delay recovery from this pandemic by years. With all my strength I will continue fighting for small business owners across this district.”

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