Madison – Yesterday, Representative Considine co-sponsored legislation to create a Vote by Mail system for the remainder of Wisconsin’s 2020 elections. Amid COVID-19, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites were disenfranchised this week and people were forced to risk their health at polling places across the state. Mail-only voting would allow people to exercise their right to vote and adhere to the Safer at Home order. After signing on to this important legislation, Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following statement:

“This week’s election caused uncertainty for many. Uncertainty about whether the election would happen, and uncertainty about whether casting a ballot could cost you your health. I am a co-sponsor of the Vote by Mail legislation because it is past time for the legislature to take action to address COVID-19. For the past few weeks I have been speaking with constituents, federal representatives, and local and state public health officials,” said Rep. Considine. “It is obvious that constituents need us in the legislature to do our job. This legislation will give state and local officials time to plan and execute safe and secure elections in the coming months. Co-sponsoring this bill is just a piece of what I am doing to work for my constituents.”

“Last week, my colleagues and I sent a letter to legislative leadership urging them to immediately convene a floor session to address COVID-19. In the letter, we expressed our support for a number of reforms including addressing housing issues, the burden on our healthcare system, and repealing the one week waiting period for unemployment benefits.”

“In these unprecedented times, the Assembly must act. Wisconsinites cannot wait. Legislative inaction will have far reaching effects on the economy, elections, public health, and so much more. This week, the Assembly finally conducted a test run for virtual session. I am eager to meet in virtual session to debate how the state should respond to and continue to prepare for COVID-19.”

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