CONTACT: Rep. Considine

(608) 266-7746

Madison – Today, Republicans failed to take action on Governor Evers special session on justice reform and policing accountability. It has now been 164 days since use of force bills were introduced and 90 days since Governor Evers called on the Legislature to act on those bills. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following statement:

“It is clear that my colleagues are not listening. They are not listening to us as elected officials, and they are not listening to Black communities. My colleagues have disregarded the cries for change and have ignored all of the information they’ve been given in the past 164 days. Instead, my colleagues are choosing to convene another task force to listen and learn. I keep asking – what has prevented them from listening and learning during the past 164 days?

“The truth is that my colleagues are unwilling to debate the merits of justice reform bills on the floor because they’d prefer not to listen. Instead, they would like to convene a task force with members the Assembly Republican Leadership chooses. This way, they do not have to confront the real and uncomfortable truth that we have deep rooted, systemic issues here in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin has drastic racial disparities in incarceration, educational outcomes, and healthcare. On top of that, we are facing a pandemic which has brought economic uncertainty to many communities. However instead of taking action on these issues, my colleagues refuse to work to correct these serious challenges. This inaction is inexcusable. I am ready to pass bills to make Wisconsin a better place for all of us.

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