Madison – Yesterday the Assembly debated and voted on dozens of bills, including bills that would fund county land and water conservation staff, address nitrate contamination in Wisconsin’s water, and reform pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Representative Considine (D-Baraboo) offered the following statement this morning:

“Everyone in Wisconsin deserves access to clean water. As the 81st district knows too well, contamination can come from many sources, including PFAS. Last night my colleagues and I took action and passed ten bipartisan clean water bills. I appreciate the work my colleagues have done on this issue. I look forward to continuing this work to protect and clean our water.

“My office is often contacted by constituents about the high price of medical care and prescriptions. I believe patients have a right to affordable prescriptions and transparency regarding prescription drug prices. That is why I voted for the bipartisan PBM bill. Since this is only the beginning, I will continue to fight for accessible and affordable medical care for all Wisconsinites.

“I was proud to vote for the PBM and clean water bills last night. By unanimously passing these bills, the Legislature proved that when we work together we can make real change. I am hopeful that my colleagues and I can continue to make important reforms together.

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