Madison – Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Governor Tony Evers called for a special session on justice reform and policing accountability. Also following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, Speaker Vos announced a Speaker’s Task Force to improve the lives of Wisconsinites. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following statement on this task force:

“We are seeing real leadership from sports teams like the Bucks, yet elected leaders are delaying any meaningful change. My colleagues believe that proposing a task force will pacify people. What they do not realize is that the time for inaction ended long ago, and people will not be soothed by a do-nothing committee.

“We have a real opportunity to take meaningful action during the special session on Monday. We do not need more time to listen and learn as the charge of the task force suggests,” stated Rep. Considine. “It has been 161 days since Representative Taylor introduced justice reform bills, of which I am a cosponsor. 161 days is more than enough time for Legislative Republicans to review this legislation. It has been 87 days since Governor Evers called on the Legislature to send Assembly Bill 1012 to his desk. 87 days is plenty of time for Legislative Republicans to review this legislation, and if necessary, introduce their own proposal. What have Republicans been doing if they have not had time to listen, learn, and create effective legislation in the past 87 days?

“My colleagues have had ample time to investigate racial disparities in education, healthcare, and policing. If Republicans need a task force for more time to listen and learn, they have not been paying attention.

“I look forward to meeting in special session on August 31st to address justice reform and police accountability,” said Rep. Considine. “I look forward to debating the merits of bills that will improve the lives of all Wisconsinites.

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