Madison – Rep. Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) participated in the 16th annual State of the Tribes Address at 1:00PM today at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Forest Potawatomi Chairman Ned Daniels delivered this year’s address, which strives to improve communication between the state government and Wisconsin’s sovereign tribal nations.

“There are eleven sovereign tribal nations in Wisconsin. Each year, I enjoy welcoming each one to the Capitol. The topics in Forest Potawatomi Chairman Daniels’ address included taking care of our land, water, and each other. His words resonated with me, as a citizen and steward of public land.

“It is important that we respect our sovereign nations, and that we hear them. An annual address is not the only communication we need with our tribal leaders, and I do not treat it as such. However, I also believe that this annual address can increase our communication and relations. The State of the Tribes Address provides a standing opportunity for us all to come together. Thank you to Forest Potawatomi Chairman Daniels for delivering a great address, and thank you to all eleven sovereign tribal nations in Wisconsin for sending representation here today.

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