Oconomowoc — Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) issued the following statement in response to the violence, rioting, and destruction of buildings, the Lady Forward monument, and the Colonel Hans Christian Heg monuments on the grounds of the Wisconsin State Capitol late Tuesday night by demonstrators.

“In recent weeks we have seen protests give way to unruly destruction of property and historic statues around our great nation as well as physical harm to bystanders. Sadly, this same unspeakable vandalism came to our own State Capitol at the hands of a lawless mob in the late hours of Tuesday night.

“While my campaign opponent and I often disagree on a variety of positions, I now call on Melissa Winker to join me in unequivocally condemning the action of the people destroying our state monuments and buildings, as well as the violence demonstrated by beating individuals in the street. Innocent people are going to be killed at the hands of an angry mob if this continues. The violence needs to stop now.

“Defacing these symbols belonging to all Wisconsinites only serves to further divide our state. The Lady Forward statue stood as a tribute to women finally attaining the right to vote 100 years ago in our own State of Wisconsin. The Colonel Hans Christian Heg statue stood in honor of an anti-slavery activist, a Norwegian immigrant who served as colonel of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War. It serves no purpose in furthering the cause of racial or minority reconciliation to demolish these figures, which stood for such principles in their time.

“The buildings and statues damaged on Tuesday night belong to every Wisconsinite. This behavior goes far beyond peaceful descent or protest. Leaders or those who seek to hold a leadership position should stand together in decrying such behavior at this critical time in our state and nation.”

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